You are called to share your gifts for the betterment of others –
and they get great results.

You serve with all your heart and soul –
and they rave.

This is why you deserve to be generously rewarded. 

And yet…

  • You struggle to charge what you are worth and get it and end up settling for whatever comes your way.
  • You shy away from owning and proclaiming your brilliance and end up being invisible to those who need you most.
  • Your potential clients seem interested but then walk away, leaving you frustrated and doubting yourself.
  • You customize, compromise and cave on your fees, all in an effort to win the client…but then feel resentful and burned out.
  • Your income rollercoasters, hits a ceiling or struggles to get off the ground, tempting you to sell your soul to a j-o-b.
  • You remain devoted, resilient and willing to participate in the greatest personal growth course on earth – entrepreneurship.

Are you ready to bring in the reinforcements to shorten the path, soften the journey and support you with field-tested and proven money and marketing strategies?

Welcome to a place where authentic marketing meets sacred money alignment so you can thrive with soul

I’m Dinah Snow, Empowered Pricing Expert and Money, Marketing and Soul Mentor, and my gift is empowering conscious women entrepreneurs to speak with heart, market with soul and serve with high value.  The result…a dramatic increase in visibility, credibility and income that allows them to thrive doing what they love.

Building on the raw materials of their talents and ideas, my specialty is teaching them step-by-step how to craft compelling offers that naturally and seamlessly lead to more sales, more clients and a bigger tribe without feeling pushy or slimy.

And in support of their success, I partner with my clients to hone their niche, find the gold in their gifts and talents, develop their suite of offers and focus on their strategic path to expansive income.

Where they once feared and even hated to promote and sell themselves, they now feel empowered and confident.  And they have the increase in income to know that “being real” (along with the savvy business practices I teach) really work to get more and higher-paying clients they love.

What makes me different than the rest of the business coaches out there?  As a spirit-centered entrepreneur myself, I deeply understand how women and heart-centered men often struggle to bring their conscious values into their marketing and selling activities.

They don’t want to be pushy, sales-y or manipulative, yet they want to serve more people and be generously rewarded.  My brilliance is blending proven business strategy with heart and soul.

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